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Sports management company respresenting world class professional mountain bike athletes and race teams.

Founded by Martin Whiteley in 2000, 23 Degrees has managed some of the world's greatest mountain bike athletes, designed the 2004 Olympic XC Course, and ran four of the most important teams on the World Cup circuit: Global Racing Team, Team G Cross Honda, Trek World Racing, and YT Mob.

23 Degrees

Track Record

By the end of the 2021 mountain bike race season, 23 Degrees had accumulated the following tallies across its first four teams

World Cup Overall Titles: 9

World Cup Race Wins: 44

World Cup Podiums: 137

World Cup Overall Team Championship: 4

World Championship Medals: 5 Gold, 7 Silver & 4 Bronze

Our Athletes

Neko Mulally

Neko Mulally

Frameworks Racing

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