Event Consultancy

After 10 years of organising the National Mountain Bike Series and several other cycling events in Australia, Martin Whiteley became responsible for the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, which in his time from 1995 to 1999 took in more than 25 nations in 5 continents. As a Technical Delegate for more than 100 World Cups, 6 World Championships, and the Sydney Olympic Games, he has a vast knowledge for organizing major cycling events. Venues wishing to host a World Cup or other major mountain bike event can contact 23 Degrees for an outline of services.

23 Degrees was contracted in 2002 by the Athens Organizing Committee for the 2004 Olympic Games to design the mountain bike course for 28th Summer Olympiad. This was a major undertaking in the Mount Parnitha forest north of Athens and resulted in a 6km course with 42 Television cameras. Sections such as the Pindos Climb, Stellar Descent and the Ossa and Voras technical sections, were designed specifically for not only technical content, but to ensure that the TV images were of the highest interest and standard. Olympic course design needs to take in many different parameters that are not always considered when designing a regular race course.

Company founder, Martin Whiteley, was involved in the first 3 Olympic Mountain Bike competitions to date. In 1996 for the inaugural mountain bike race at the Olympic Games in Atlanta he was the UCI Mountain Bike Coordinator overseeing the qualification into the Games and helped to develop the regulations for the competition. For Sydney, he chose the venue for SOCOG, laid out the original course, and was ultimately the Technical Delegate for the 2000 Olympics, responsible for the technical success of the competition.

23 Degrees is able offer services to future Olympic sites, as well as other venues planning on hosting major competitions, by using the fully developed experience of 23 Degrees staff in helping organisers to develop their sites to bid for major mountain bike competitions, or those aiming to develop their site for mountain bike recreational users.